Airsup rebranding by Jett
Airsup rebranding by Jett
Project description
Airline Support Baltic
Market Research

Brand Design
Brand Strategy

Website Redesign
Brand Name

Marketing Campaign
Project aims
Define brand's primary audience groups
Replace brand's existing old-fashioned identity
Determine an insight on low conversion rates (leads were lost while exploring brand's website)
Design user-friendly website interface (based on CJM)
Increase brand awareness
Create multiple marketing campaigns, targeted at different audience groups (B2B)
Existing brand design did not match company's market position and did not show it's expertise, which is necessary, especially in aircraft maintenance niche. The logo was old-fashioned and Soviet-looking, which didn't help in positioning Airsup as a fast-growing, modern company.
Reaching the audience

We also realised that we had an even bigger issue, when discovered that Airsup was mistakenly targeting minor audience groups in their sales processes (previous marketing was not targeted at all). We defined our prior groups, which were mostly airline procurement managers (smaller airlines) and senior technical engineers (market leaders).

Another insight we discovered was that their main decision-making criteria when choosing outsource maintenance company were certifications, reputation and facilities. That's where our hangar came in handy again.

As a result, we had an idea of creating a virtual 3D tour around Airsup's hangar, where our TA will be able to explore all the scope and expertise of Airsup.

Outdoor merchandise

One of the key elements of Airsup's brand recognition is appearance of their team, especially of people, who are directly involved in aircraft repairs. That's why we created branded clothing and equipment lines without compromising safety and functionality features.
Office merchandise

First impression matters most. Business cards, corporate blanks and envelopes - are the first offline touchpoints, where audience might be introduced to the brand. With minimalistic design, niche-related pattern and blue corporate colours (sky links), merchandise moderately communicates proficiency and trendiness of the brand.
Expected project outcomes
Increased brand equity, which matches company size
Approaching all audience groups in order of significance
Increasing brand loyalty with B2B marketing campaigns
Higher brand recognition with updated merchandis
Attracting investors with updated positioning and visual identity