Branding project for Finno
Branding project for Finno
Project description
Finno Europe
Market Research

Brand Design
Brand Strategy

Merchandise Design
Brand Name

Website Redesign
Project aims
Define brand's primary audience groups
Conduct competitive market research across European countries
Predict niche's trends for the next 5 years. Create brand identity based on this research
Reflect company's innovation and experience in brand strategy and identity
Design user-friendly and yet informative website, based on CJM
Create a variety of specific office merchandise
Researching Finno's future niche was probably one of the most challenging but yet insightful researches we've ever conducted. The market seemed overcrowded and we were stuck at the first stage already. What we realised though is that every company we faced with reflected seriousness and boringness of the paperwork process and made things look too complex. Here was the answer. We decided to create a balance between not complicating our communication with super-professional terminology and, at the same time, not losing brand's proficiency.
Market positioning
Market research gave us an insight that our brand had to be easy to understand, innovative and professional. Finno's positioning developed into being in charge of all the boring stuff, while making the process of receiving European funds easier for its audience.
Brand Name and Identity
Having our positioning defined, naming and design objectives became clear enough. We created a memorable and minimalistic brand name - Finno, which means financial innovation (all funding projects Finno works with are based on innovations).
Uncommonly in brand design, we decided to highlight brand pattern by making it a key recognition element of the whole identity. Logo with its tiny star became a symbol, referencing to company's primary expertise - European funds.
process of receiving European funds easier for its audience.
Office merchandise
Since Finno is deeply involved in all kinds of research and project management activities, their employees use loads of paperwork daily. Therefore we decided they need a very clear and thoughtful, yet stylish and brand-representing merchandise kit. By using our key recognition element - pattern, we created a set of basic office accessories, which already help them with structuring all the work and clearing the process.
Expected project outcomes
Brand, capable of standing out in overcrowded market
Constant brand recognition growth
User-friendly website design with functional CJM
Targeting audience, which is uncovered by competition yet